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Our goal is to provide you with the best possible support while you gather documents and try and understand the (exciting, but maybe a bit overwhelming!) job market. After 10 years of placing more than 300 teachers each year we have a very developed network of teachers and schools all across Korea!!!

We have even expanded into China these days and the job market there is incredible! Learn more here - http://www.teachingeslchina.com/

Our personal experience, and commitment to providing the best support for teachers, will help you feel comfortable during the entire job hunt process.

  • Reliable, proven schools - all across Korea & China!
  • Events in key cities throughout the year to bring our teachers together!!

Teach ESL Korea Hike April 2008

Teach ESL Korea (TEK) has become the teacher's choice for a company to help people with the exciting process of living in Korea for at least one year.

Once you feel comfortable, please submit an application so you can have a personal Teacher Rep (TR) walk you through each step of this life-changing experience!.

If you have any questions which were not addressed on our website, please use the box on your right to bring them to our attention, or email Dan at TeachEslKorea AT Gmail.com

Mudeung group hike

Gwangju group hike

Adam McIlmoyle class

Eric, Adam, Morgan and Leighton hiking

Colleen Connolly Halloween

Carson T pic with cute kid on his arm

Amber VanSanden pic with 2 kids

teacher spotlight

Hannah and Brady Q
Hannah and Brady Q., USA
Public schools - EPIK
Sarah, UK
Sarah, UK
Hogwan in Pyeongchon
Colby Charles, Cdn
Colby C, Cdn
Hogwan in Gwangju city
Ben K, USA
Ben K, USA
Hogwan in Gwangmyeong
Keri, USA
Keri, USA
EPIK in Jeju
Logan Monday, USA
Logan Monday, USA
TEK Alumni - now in Macedonia
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