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These are available before you start your contract in Korea or China, and may continue on during your time there, and even once you finish your time in Asia.

This is a very exciting new opportunity with Teach ESL Korea, after years of researching this online ESL job market. These are highly respected companies, with extremely professional online platforms, curriculum fully planned in advance to allow you to teach students in China, usually with 1 on 1 lessons.

The reviews back from our teachers currently in their programs are giving them glowing reviews!

i. You set your own hours!! Work as many hours as you'd like, with no limits!
ii. Pay is $14-25/hour
iii. Teach 1-on-1 to kids in China, or in small group lessons to older students or adults.
iv. Interesting and exciting way to gain some teaching experience while also providing some side income while you get ready to teach in Korea/China.
v. You can continue to teach online once you arrive in Korea/China.
vi. You can even teach online once you’re done your contract in Asia and return home!

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