F4 Visa General Information

Eligible Applicants

  • Foreign citizens who previously possessed ROK citizenship (They must have renounced their ROK citizenship.)
  • Foreign citizens with at least one parent or grandparent who possessed ROK citizenship in the past but who currently is a citizen of another country
  • Exceptions
    Minster of Justice will not grant Overseas Koreans status in case of occurrence of one of the events set forth below. Except for the cases where Overseas Koreans who are subject to the item 1 of item 2 reach at the age of 36.
    1. Where a man with dual nationality who was born in a foreign country and obtained foreign nationality while his immediate ascendant(s) was staying in the foreign country without intent to reside for good renounces Korean nationality to evade military service and becomes a foreigner before January 1st of the year when he reaches the age of 18 under the regulation of the former Clause 12 before reformed Regulation of No. 7499 Nationality Law is enforced.
    2. Where a Korean man loses his nationality and becomes a foreigner by acquiring foreign nationality for the purpose of evasion of military service.
    3. Where granting the status is likely to harm security, maintenance of order, public welfare, foreign relations or other interest of the Republic of Korea. [the Clause 5 the Article 2 of Oversea Koreans Law]

Required Items
* The documents deemed necessary for application procedure may increase or decrease.

  • Completed visa application form
  • One recent passport-type color photo
  • Passport with remaining validity of at least 6 months, plus a copy
  • Cdn $80.00 visa fee (multiple-visa) (Cash or Money order)
  • Proof of the E2 visa (i.e. Visa Issuance Number)
  • Additional items required for this type of visa:

A. For foreign citizens who previously possessed ROK citizenship:

  • Canadian citizenship certificate and citizenship card of the applicant
  • Canadian citizenship certificates and citizenship cards or permanent residency documents (card) and passports of the applicant's parents
  • Recent copy of the family register ("Je-Juk-Deung-Bon") proving the applicant's citizenship has been renounced. (A person who didn't report loss of Korean nationality, he or she is required to loss of nationality first)

B. For foreign citizens with at least one parent or grandparent who possessed ROK citizenship in the past but who currently is the citizen of another country:

  • Original birth certificate (The statement of live birth) issued by a foreign country (the names of the applicant's parents must be stated on it)
  • Recent copy of the family register ("Je-Juk-Deung-Bon") proving that a parent or grandparent of the applicant was a Korean citizen and their citizenship has been renounced.
  • Documents showing the reason and date the parent or grandparent gained foreign citizenship (i.e. a letter-size citizenship certificate and citizenship card)

Entry, Departure, and Residency in Korea
For people who obtain F-4 status, preferential treatment is granted as follows:

  • A stay of up to two years is permitted and the period of stay can be extended through an application process.
  • It is possible to engage in almost all employment activities, excluding unskilled manual labor and speculation activities. However, in order to work in certain regulated professions, individuals must qualify in the relevant area (law, medicine, etc.), in accordance with Korean laws.
  • It is not necessary to complete the alien registration process if the F-4 visa holder reports domestic residency to a Korean immigration office.

* For further information, please contact your nearest Korean Consulate.

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