Verifying Documents (Canada)

Diploma & Criminal Record Verification at the Korean Consulate

In case of applying by mail, a Prepaid Return Envelope (only Xpresspost is accepted) is also required to return the documents.
The Consular Seals will be affixed on the Official Documents issued by the local government, and organization in the Consulate’s jurisdiction. This Office shall only affix the Consular Seal when it is determined to be appropriate.

* You must first bring your diploma to a notary public/lawyer and have them notarize a photocopy of it. Once this is done, you can proceed with the Consulate verification.

A: Diploma Confirmation (bring/send the following to the Consulate)
1. Original diploma
2. Notarized photocopy of diploma 
3. Photocopy and an original of the photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport)
4. A University sealed transcript (Consulate will open and keep the transcript for verification purpose)
5. $4.00 per document (Cash or Money Order only, Personal cheque is not acceptable)

**We only accept degrees from the Universities in the Consulate's jurisdiction.

B: Criminal Records Search Certificate Confirmation (Original CRC’s don’t need to be notarized)

1. Original criminal records search certificate (Must show on the CRC that RCMP database has been searched).
2. Photocopy and an original of the photo ID ( Driver's License or Passport )
3. $4.00 per document (Cash or Money Order only, Personal cheque is not acceptable)

   If applying by mail

      -  a self addressed prepaid envelope (only Xpresspost is accepted) is required.
      -  DO NOT send an original photo ID(passport). 

*Adapted from the Korean Consulate in Toronto instructions.

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