FAQs - Benefits

1. What is the pay like?
Lately (as of 2012) most teachers are paid 2,100,000-2,200,000/month.

Public schools have the following pay scale that may put you above this:

Pay Category: Monthly Salary Requirements

Minimum Requirements
ONE of the following

Bachelor's degree in English* (Literature or Language)

Valid Elementary, Middle, or Secondary School Teacher's License/Certificate

*Must be clearly stated on either the diploma certificate or official transcript Category 2
Minimum Requirements AND one of the following: One year of full time English teaching experience at an accredited institution.
Master's Degree in a field related to English Language Education

Category 2+
2,200,000 Minimum Requirements AND the following:
Employed as a Category 2 teacher in a public school for one full year.

2,300,000 Minimum Requirements AND the following:
Minimum three (3) years of full time English teaching experience at an accredited institution

Category 1+
2,400,000 Employed as a Category 1 teacher for one full year.

Category S
2,500,000 Contract renewal as a Category 1+ at the same school
2. What is the exchange rate between the Korean won and the American dollar and other currencies?
Just click here and follow the instructions.

The exchange rate fluctuates. As of January, 2012, the exchange rate was 1,150 won for the US dollar. That brings the monthly salary to US$ 1,913. For the latest info on exchange rates, go to www.x-rates.com.

An easy way to round is 1,000 = US$1 (give or take with exchange rates)
3. What kind of benefits does a school provide? Is there any kind of medical insurance provided by the school?
Yes, there is. The school will pay 50% of medical insurance.

Public schools teachers will automatically be enrolled in the public healthcare system.

Hagwon teachers must tell their school they want to be enrolled.

You will also receive-
. Severance pay (typically one month's salary)
. Your airfare to and from your home country
. Rent paid for by the school
. You pay utilities
. Pension for teachers from countries with which Korea has a bilateral agreement regarding pension, such as the USA and Canada (though not all hagwons pay into this like they should)

The school also pays money to find you. You don't pay to find the school.

All told schools spend more than 3,000,000/month on your benefits. It's more than your Korean co-teachers are getting!
4. What is the severance pay and when do I get it?
Severance pay is equal to one month's salary. 13 months of pay for 12 months of work. You get it after the successful completion of your 12-month contract.
5. Will I have any vacations or breaks?
Public schools: 21-28 days (during summer and winter breaks, only) Hagwons: 7-10 (usually 10)

Everyone also gets public holidays. Your vacation days must be scheduled well in advance and your time must be coverable by another teacher if school is in session.
6. Are my vacation days paid?

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