FAQs - E2 Visa Processing

1. Do I have to send my transcripts to my school?
If you've accepted a hagwon (private school) position transcripts are not required (unless you are Canadian). If you've accepted a public school position you will need to send 1 seal transcript when mail your documents to your school.

However, please have at least 1 extra copy as some Korean Consulates ask for it when you apply for your E2 visa with E2 confirmation number.

We still encourage everyone to have at lest 2 sets (envelopes) of sealed transcripts prepared just in case.
2. Do the passport photos have to match the photo in my passport? Can I photocopy them?
No, the photos do not have to match your passport.

They cannot be photocopies.

They must be in a passport style and format.
3. Do only the criminal record check (CRC) and diploma photocopy need to be apostilled? For Americans, can both be apostilled with US Legalization?
Yes, only the CRC and diploma copy need to be apostilled (Canadians use a different process).

Americans, to save time and money, you might as well get the photocopy of your diploma apostilled at the Secretary of State, preferably in person.

Because the FBI CRC is a federal document it must be apostilled by the Department of State in Washington, D.C. They are extremely busy with long wait times, so we suggest using a company like US Legalization who can apostille it quickly on your behalf. US Legalization can also apostille your notarized diploma photocopy.
4. The American FBI check will take 6-8 weeks to get in hand, but I can get a State-level check (or a check from company X online) in 1 week. If I get this check and have it apostilled, is it the same as the FBI check?
No. For American teachers you must have an FBI criminal check because this is the only national-level check available. This FBI criminal record check must then be apostilled at the Department of State, in Washington, DC. We suggesting using a company like US Legalization to swiftly and efficiently have your apostille done.
5. I have a DUI (or maybe an underage drinking charge) from when I was in university. It was a foolish mistake and will never happen again. Do I have any chance to find a job in Korea?
We're sorry to say that you will not have a chance finding a job in Korea. Korean Immigration has tightened their regulations in the past few years, and will not accept anything else than a clean criminal record check. Teachers with any charges related to alcohol, drugs, or stealing, or pretty much anything more than a reckless driving, will be denied by immigration.
6. Do I have to bring my original diploma to Korea?
No, you don't have to bring it, but we do recommend that you do. There are some circumstances when your degree may be required. If you would prefer not to bring your diploma, then you should make sure to leave it with someone who can access it easily if you should require it.
7. Can I travel outside of Korea with an E2 visa?
Yes. You can exit and enter Korea with your E2 visa multiple times.

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