All of the information here was provided to us by teachers who live here.

Pohang is an eastern coastal, growing city of about a half million people. It's claim to fame is POSCO, the third largest steel producer in the world.  The area has been inhabited since around 1500–300 BC and was still a fishing village up until the 1930s.


North Gyeongsang province on the east coast of Korea, and about an hour away from Daegu.

How Our Teachers Rate the City

8 out of 10


Near-by Cities to Visit

Daegu – about an hour bus ride; has a Costco and some more Western options if you need a Western fix.  It is also considered a fashion center in Korea.

Gyeongju – about 30 minutes away; has Gyeongju World, an amusement park, and California Beach, a water park.  Gyeongju is also a very historical city with many sites connected to the Silla Empire.


Grocers in Pohang

Most neighborhoods have small groceries or marts for your daily needs.  Others of a medium scale are GS Supermarket and Top Mart.

Pohang also has two HomePlus and two E-Mart stores.  These are Korean big box stores akin to a Target or Wal-mart in America.  You can often find hard-to-get Western products here.  There is also a Tesco (British chain).



Pohang has a downtown pedestrian area (also referred to as the “river road”) with lots of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and a movie theater (Pohang has 3 total), as well as several foreigner bars where teachers and US Armed Forces hang out.  And, of course, norebangs (private karaoke rooms) abound and most are very nice.

For higher end retail shopping and imported or specialty foods that can’t be found at HomePlus or E-mart, Pohang also sports a Lotte Department Store close to the downtown area.



Pohang has several recognizable Western restaurants such as:

  • Starbucks
  • Outback
  • McDonald’s
  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino’s
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Outback Steakhouse


As well as lots of Italian places such as:

  • Di Oliva – considered the best by many expats
  • Roso and Cuccina
  • Mary’s Pasta Kitchen


Here are a few local favorites among the expats:

  • Mom’s Touch – fried chicken and great seasoned French fries
  • Ashley’s – Korean buffet company that serves many Western dishes.  The menu changes months.
  • King Kong Burger – self-explanatory
  • BRD – fried and roasted chicken


And the most popular street vendors:

  • “Chicken Man” – in front of the post office most nights
  • “Toast Lady” – serves the best toast (aka ham and egg sandwish).  Expats will tell you she can be found “down the downtown street, turn left at the stone wall restaurant.”  They will also tell you “Don't be scared by the condiments she adds (cheese, sugar, ketchup and mustard). It all works somehow...”


The Pub Scene

Beethoven Bar
Mindy’s Bar
Whistler’s Bar – weekly pool tournaments, and “Club Night” every second Friday
Live Story – open mic night
TILT – the “teacher bar”


Cultural Gems Only the Locals Knows

Bogyeongsa Temple – a Buddhist temple and great for hiking; there are also several waterfalls

Postech University Robot Museum

Homigot – a point of land that is the easternmost point on the Korean peninsula.  It is a gathering place to greet Korea’s first sunrise of the New year.


Public Transportation Overview

Pohang does not have a subway system but it does have an efficient bus system that reaches every part of the city.

Pohang also has an express bus terminal that goes to and from Seoul, Daejon, Gwangju, Masan and Seonsan on a regular basis AND the departure times are online in English.

It also has an inter-city bus terminal that goes to a lot of places.

Pohang has two stations, and there is also the KTX (high speed train) station in Gyeongju about 30 minutes away by bus.


Cost of Living and Saving Money

The cost of living is cheaper than in the USA and other English-speaking countries.  Things just cost less.

A lot of money also saved because of the necessities from home that aren’t necessary in Korea.  There are no car payments or insurance.  Americans will drop their mouths then they see how cheap the health care is.  Your rent is paid for.

Most people have no trouble paying off debt and student loans.


Pohang Tourist Information Center




Thousands of people go to Pohang every summer for the fireworks festival at Bukbu Beach.

The Culture &Arts Center holds regular performances and exhibitions in various galleries and theaters.

The Jukdo Market is a larger traditional market well-known in Korea as an important seafood market.  If you like fish this will be some of the freshest and cheapest in the country.

Bogyeongsa Temple is a major Buddish Temple on Mt. Naeyeon.  Yeonsan Waterfall is located nearby in the same mountain valley. There are hiking trails leading from the temple up into the mountains. Bogyeongsa also has a number of mountain hermitages in the vicinity.

Oeosa is a temple located in southern part of Pohang at the foot of Mt. Unjae.  Signs placed in and around Oeosa claim that the temple was founded by a famous Silla monk named Wonhyo.



International Fireworks Festival

Pohang Steel Arts Festival


Local Universities

Postech (Pohang University of Science and Technology)

Handong Global University

Pohang College

Sunlin College


Korean Lessons

YMCA downtown – at the 5-way intersection at the end of River Street
POSTECH University – must register for the beginning of the semester 



Mt. Naeyeon is a popular mountain for hiking.  There is a major temple, Bogyeongsa, and a scenic hike with a few waterfalls during and after the rainy season.  You can even reach the summit if you want a real good hike.

Mt. Unjae is a mountain with several temples, including Oeosa.  It has about four different paths you can take that vary in length and steepness.






Facebook Groups

Pohang Legends – for teachers and their friends

Pohang Bizaar – buy, sell, give away

Ice Hockey – Ulsan, Daegu, Busan, and Pohang


Current Teachers’ Emails

We have an amazing group of teachers in Pohang we’d be happy to connect you with.


Link to Pohang’s Official Website



Teacher Testimonials About Pohang

“One great thing about Pohang is that it is on the coast and there are many beaches.  The most accessible is Bukbu Beach.  Every July there is a huge international fireworks festival with the most amazing display of fireworks I’ve seen.  It gets very crowded so get there early in order to get a good seat.”

“There is so much stuff to do here in Pohang if you look hard enough!”



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