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Ulsan is Korea’s seventh largest city with a population of 1.1 million.  This seaside city is known for its whaling heritage but makes its mark today as the industrial heart of South Korea.  It is home to the world’s largest automobile assembly plant, the world’s largest shipyard, and the world’s third largest oil refinery.



Ulsan is in the south-east of the country.  Its neighbors are Gyeongju in the north and Busan in the south.


Grocers in Ulsan

Every neighborhood will have at least one small grocery to take care of your daily needs.  But for a wider selection of foods and other household items you can go to the big box stores that are not unlike a supermarket, Wal-mart, or Target.  Keep an eye out for:

Lotte Mart



Samsandong is the city’s up-market district.  You can kind both the Lotte Department Store and the Hyundai Department Store here.  Western fashion brands and several familiar western chain restaurants are also to be found in this district.  A deliberate wander in the neon powered back streets will yield a vibrant bar and restaurant culture.

You can also find the Lotte Ferris Wheel and the Lotte Cinema in this area.

If you are interested in lower prices, however, head over to the old downtown area Seongnamdong.  Brand names can still be found here and this is the place to find some foreigner friendly/foreigner run bars.



Being a city of over 1 million people, Ulsan has a wide variety of restaurants beyond Korean, including Chinese and Vietnamese.  But when you need a little taste of home you’ll still be able to find some familiar chain faces:

Dunkin Donuts
Outback Steakhouse
Krispy Kreme

But if you’re looking to save money and want to try the local flavor, kimbap naras (Korean answer to a dinner) are an excellent way to eat Korean, eat healthy, and eat cheap.


The Pub Scene

Mugeodong, where Ulsan University is located, is the best place for those who want to eat, drink and party.  Purple Haze is popular with the expats.  Just don’t show up to class hungover!

In Samsandong you can find Bar Cima, JJ’s, and Sticky Fingers.


Cultural Gems Only the Locals Knows
Ulsan is the gateway to the Yeongnam Alps, considered to be one of the most beautiful provincial parks in South Korea.


Public Transportation Overview

Like any city in South Korea, public transportation is clean, cheap, and efficient.  Public transportation can easily take you all over the city, and outside of it as well.  The intra city buses in Korea as just as impressive as the inter-city ones.

For inter-city travel you can purchase a transportation card at any of the vendors located next to any major bus stop.  The card itself is around 5,000 won and then you can top up your credit as necessary. 

If this convenience wasn’t enough, the card grants you a 50 won discount on each bus and free transfers if made within an hour.  Upon exiting the first bus be sure to place the card over the box with an X and O to initiate the free transfer.  And it can be used in other cities!


Ulsan is also a part of the KTX high speed rail system.  A high speed train to Seoul is just over 2 hours.


Cost of Living and Saving Money

The cost of living is cheaper than in the USA and other English-speaking countries.  Things just cost less.

A lot of money also saved because of the necessities from home that aren’t necessary in Korea.  There are no car payments or insurance.  Americans will drop their mouths then they see how cheap the health care is.  Your rent is paid for.

Most people have no trouble paying off debt and student loans.



See Ulsan’s 12 Designated Scenic Areas:

Four Seasons of Mt Gaji Selected as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Mountains in Korea, Mt Gaji is the tallest mountain in Ulsan. There are well marked hiking trails up the mountain and are accessible from Seongnamsa Temple. Bus: 807, 1713.
Sunrise at GanjeolgotThe first sunrise in northeast Asia can be seen from Ganjeolgot. It is a popular destination for New Year celebrations. Bus: 715
Black Pebble Beach at Gangdong and Jujeon SeashoreThe beach is filled with, well, black pebbles. Bus: 121, 137, 411, 421, 943
Daewangam Songnim (Pine Forest)This coastal area is filled with rock formations, 15,000 pine trees and views of the East Sea. Bus: 102, 103, 104, 111, 112, 122, 123, 127, 133, 401, 1401
Naewonam Valley of Mt DaeunThis tranquil valley is filled with pools of water and waterfalls next to large stones. The Naewonam Temple is also located in the valley amidst the mountain scenery. Catch the Sangdai Gosan Maeulbus.
The Night View of the Ulsan Industrial Complex from Mt MuryongWhile looking over an industrial complex might not seem like a tourist attraction, the view is something out of Blade Runner. Take your tripod to get the best night photos. Bus: 137, 421.
BangudaeBangudae refers to the turtle shape of the mountain. This natural area is filled with mountains, valleys and rock formations. It also houses the Bangudae Boulder Petroglyphs from the stone age, a designated national treasure. Bus: 308, 313, 318.
Eoksae (Reed) Plain of Mt SinbulMt Sinbul is the second tallest mountain in Ulsan, with a vast plain covered in reeds. Like Mt Gaji, it is considered to be one of the 100 most beautiful mountains in Korea. Bus: 303, 323, 327, 337, 368, 953, 1723.
Ulsan Sports ComplexIf you enjoy visiting random stadiums, then by all means, go to the Ulsan Sports Complex.  Though we suspect this one made the list because Koreans love soccer.
JakgwaecheonFormed by many years of water erosion, the river runs straight past a temple. The rocks are engraved with Korean characters and is an excellent place for photography. Bus: 303, 318, 323, 327, 337, 368, 953, 1723.
Seonbawi (Standing Rock) and Simnidaebat (Bamboo Grove) of Taehwa RiverThe combination of rocks, river and the bamboo forest create a breathing space in a highly industrial city. It is linked to the Taehwagang River Grand-Park.
Paraeso WaterfallA fifteen meter waterfall with the reflection of the mountain in the pool below. Bus: 807


And then, once you’ve done all of that check out the museums!

Ulsan Petroglyph Museum
Jangsaengpo Whale Museum and Whale Experience Hall
Oegosan Pottery Village

(Thank you http://wikitravel.org/en/Ulsan for the above information.)



Ulsan Whale Festival – April
Ulsan Onggi Festival – May
Ulsan World Music Festival - October


Local Universities

Ulsan University


Korean Lessons

Korean lessons are easy to find in Ulsan through Ulsan University, Let’s Talk Talk Ulsan, or one of many study group sessions.



Hiking is Korea’s national pastime and Ulsan has some of the best.  Eonyang, a suburb of Ulsan, is the access point to Gajisan National Park.  From Eonyang take a bus heading to Seongnamsa.

The city also has a fabulous river park with walking, running and biking trails. Flowers are plentiful and make for pleasant journeys along the river.



For starters, why not cheer on the Ulsan Hyundai FC football club at Munsu Stadium?  Or the Ulsan Hyundai Mipo Dockyard team who plays in the Korean National League.

Then how about rock climbing?  Munsu Mountain, the tallest in the city, has over 100 sport routes are available from 5.8 to 5.13.

And then relax at the beach.  Ulsan has two:

Ilsan Beach – at the entrance to Daewangam Park
Jinha Beach – across from Myeongseondo Island


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