Couple Jobs in Korea

We are pretty confident, Teach ESL Korea places more couples in Korea, than any other recruiting company. Aggie and I went to Korea as a married couple, with our 8-month-old son, and we have always felt a little extra connection to couples embarking on this experience together.

The situation for couples finding jobs in Korea has always been challenging. The majority of schools prefer hiring single teachers, for a variety of reasons; some of which I agree with, many I don't.

I think couples are a great support system for each other, and [More info]

Finding a "couples job", or sharing an apartment isn't nearly as easy as people might hope or expect.  [More info]

Current conditions in detail:


  • Best options for the majority of couples or friends applying
  • Best approach is to aim for a legit "couple job" where you both teach at the same school, with a shared apt, or 2 studios in the same building.
  • 2nd option is to place the male in a decent sized city, so we can match the female to this city 2nd.


  • EPIK public schools will no longer promise "unmarried couples or friends" they will be placed in the same city. 
  • EPIK will hire married couples, to be given shared housing, if they have excellent resumes. This usually means at least 1 person has a degree in Education, English or Linguistics.
  • EPIK prefers hiring singles over couples.
  • If you have fantastic resumes, preferably married or 85% flexible on locations, we would be happy to help you try and find EPIK jobs.


  • GEPIK now allows each individual school to do their own hiring, rather than through a head office.
  • Finding 2 schools available and searching for teachers at the same time, in the same city is extremely rare.
  • Even as the #1 GEPIK recruiter for the last 5 yrs, the number of couples who seem to end up securing 2 jobs in the same city, is very low.
  • In general, the couples who seem to apply with us, are very well organized, planning 4-8 months in advance, at least 75% have TEFL by the time they start the job hunt and are quite flexible on location.
  • These schools do a terrible job of working together, or even communicating, so hiring 2 teachers in the same area or city is much harder than expected.
  • GEPIK now strongly prefers to hire teachers who are already in Korea, so they can interview in person, know they have exp in a Korean ESL classroom, and the school saves the cost of the flight.
  • Our job hunt approach for couples, for GEPIK - place 1 person 1st, preferably the male, since it's easier to match the female nearby 2nd - and then focus on GEPIK jobs in that city, or within 30-45 minutes on the subway.


I personally think the advantages of hiring a couple should outweigh such things, but it can be quite challenging to get schools to understand this.

Sometimes I get teachers/applicants who say they're fine to work at 2 different hogwans, but to share an apt. Please remember these hogwans in Korea are without a doubt businesses competing against each other in a highly competitive market. This means you'd either be sharing a couple-sized apartment if you both work for the same school, or have 2 different apartments if you're at 2 different schools.

Please try and be as flexible as possible.





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