File Active Rules

Job Hunt

Once we have confirmed what you’re looking for with respect to:

  • Type of job
  • Type of city
  • Good handle on your required E2 visa documents and start date
  • We have a professional picture for your profile
  • Hopefully sent us an intro video

Action: Your TR will activate your file in our database.

Once this happens: Please be aware your file is now active so my SR's (School Reps - these are my Korean partners who are in contact with many schools) and my schools can view your file and resume on our database.

  • If you receive an email with an interview request, from any of my SR's pls try and be as flexible as possible. 
  • Reply to all emails within 12-24hrs. 
  • Reply to all emails even if you're not interested in the job.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the school please accept the interview, and confirm the best phone number for the school to reach you at.
  • If the job doesn't work for you please let us know why, so it helps us narrow our search.
  • Always use "Reply all", so you Cc both your TR and whoever the SR is for the job - on ALL emails.
  • If possible, answer all incoming phone calls since it might be 1 of my SR's trying to quickly connect you to an open job in Korea. In this highly competitive market, jobs can be filled very quickly, so you need to be able to act quickly.
  • If a job is sent to you from someone who isn’t found on our list of SR’s, they are not our partner or authorized to contact you. Please let us know if this happens.


Thank you  for all of your hard work, we look forward to trying to help!




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