Dinner with friends, including 3 drinks

15,000 won

$45 + 15% tax + 15% tip = $55+

Dry cleaning – 3 shirts and 2 pants

2,000 won per piece = 10,000 won

$2.00/shirt and $6.50/pants = $19

Taxi downtown

2,000 to 10,000 won

$6 to $35

Monthly transportation costs

10,000 to 40,000 won a month

Car payment: $300

Insurance: $125

Gas: $250+

Repairs: ???

Weekend trip to nearby city, 1 night 2 days

Motel: 25,000 won

3 meals: 30,000 won

Bus: 20,000 won

Night of drinking: 30,000 (10 drinks)

Hotel: $75-125

3 meals: $90

Gas both ways: $60

10 drinks: $40+ tip

Number of restaurants within 200 meters of your house/apt

20 or more

Less than 5, and quite possibly zero

Estimated savings in 1 year, with no over-time

5,000,000 – 10,000,000 won

For new graduates or even young professionals I think the value is very low

Chance you will take a 1 week exotic vacation, and pay cash for it

More than 80%

Very low

Amount of time from when you walk into a restaurant, to when you’re eating your main meal

10 minutes

30 minutes

Rewarding feel from your job

Teaching children is arguably one of the most rewarding things you can ever do

This depends on the job, and the person.

Nearest place to buy: 6 beer, or milk, or chips, or fresh meat from a butcher, fresh vegetables or fish, or go for dinner

1 block – to small, family owned businesses

Nearest grouping of big box stores, likely needing a car.

Money spent on rent in 1 year



Learn a new language, save money, change to a healthier lifestyle, experience a new country, meet people from all over the world whatever your reason is to wanting to teach in Korea, the time to do it is now.

*For comparison purposes, I have used my city in Canada Winnipeg, to the city we lived in, in Korea Gwangju.

*All prices in Canadian dollars. (Cdn dollar and usd is virtually equal now June 12, 2008) 1,000 won = approx $1

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