Food Options in Korea

Although at first glance, the type of food choices in Korea may seem a bit limited, you might quickly discover that there is a wider variety than it appears. It is true that most staple foods in Korea are different than what most westerners are used to, however with an open mind and a bit of culinary adventure many of us learn to love and crave them. This is usually the case, but should you find yourself among those who cant swallow the spicy Kimchi and are literally fed up with rice, do not despair! There are quite a few western options, from fast foods to fresh baked muffins to keep you from unwanted dieting.

Among the Korean staples are:

White, sticky rice
Many types of Kimchi; spicy, sour, sweet, bland, etc
Meat and Seafood Soups
Instant Noodles
Grilled meats
Meat and Seafood Stews
California Rolls (Kimbap)
Vegetable and Meat Dumplings (Mandu)
Dried Fish
Seasonal Vegetables and Fruit
And yes. Pizza and Fried Chicken!

Among Western options are included:

Burger King
Pizza Hut
Dominos Pizza
Baskin Robins
Outback Steakhouse

There are many other options available and countless Korean restaurants will cater to Western appetites. Italian food is very popular in Korea and you will find many restaurants offering delicious pastas at reasonable prices. The larger cities of Seoul and Busan will offer more variety but the above mentioned are to be found in any major city in Korea.

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