What Are Hogwans?

Hogwans are privately owned teaching institutes that will teach English, Math, Science, Korean, Taekwondo, Music, and most anything else they can think of.

  • Korean families will pay up to 50% of the family income on their children’s education; including Public School and Hogwans.
  • Virtually all children will attend at least one Hogwan.
  • The best teachers from Korea work at Hogwans, because of increased income opportunities. The public school therefore suffers, further emphasizing the feeling of need by the parents, to send their children to the best Hogwans.

In the English Hogwans:

  • If there are enough students, due to the competitive nature of Korea, students are grouped based on their English ability. For example, in Grade 4, the best students will be in the “A” Class, and the next best students will be in the “B” Class.
  • All students will know each other’s levels, in each subject.
  • Korean Teachers may hit the students’ hands, with a stick, for punishment.
  • Bullying is very rare with Korean elementary students.
  • Kids are very innocent in Korea.
  • The students respect the teachers.
  • The classes usually have less than 15 students.
  • Homework is given for every class, and is checked daily.
  • Hogwans are run like a business. Profit is first.
  • Directors’ in Korean Hogwans, have almost total control over Korean employees.
  • There is a dress code for students at every Public Middle and High School.
  • Korean teachers will dress in semi-formal business attire.
  • Foreign teachers will be looked upon more favorably, if they dress nicely.
  • Suit pants and a tie may be required at some schools.
  • Smartest kids are looked up to and admired in Korean schools.

teacher spotlight

Hannah and Brady Q
Hannah and Brady Q., USA
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Sarah, UK
Hogwan in Pyeongchon
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Colby C, Cdn
Hogwan in Gwangju city
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Ben K, USA
Hogwan in Gwangmyeong
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Keri, USA
EPIK in Jeju
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Logan Monday, USA
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